Christmas Collection

*Full Collection Launching Soon*

This year, I am honouring the traditional Christmas spirit with a refined selection of pieces that evoke what Christmas time means to me:

Joy in simplicity.

Each year, I choose a colour scheme that resonates. Some years (mostly always) it is heavily pronounced with warm whites, soft golds, and sprinkles of simmering pewters. This year, after what has been such a defining year for us all, I feel the urge to bring it back to the essence of the colours that we ALL relate to: Red, Green & White. White as a colour, symbolically represents purest. Freedom. A blank canvas - if you will. 

I want to pair down to the basics so that it allows space for us to enjoy what really matters...

I hope you find this small, thoughtful curation of products allows you to connect with those sacred moments of this time of year. I have intentionally created these products with smaller pricing in mind, yet items that would bring adoration and joy to those who receive. 

After all, it is the smallest thought that could make someone the happiest in the room.

Love, Peace, and Happiness. May all these be yours at Christmas. 

From my family to yours, Merry Christmas. 

 Millie x