When my mother handed me the most honourable gift, an old brown weathered suitcase containing my late grandfather’s vintage leather tools, original hand drawn templates and a smell of history, I had immediately found my calling.

A lover of traditional hand-made products I was yearning to explore leather craft and combine the learnings of my Bachelor of Industrial Design.
Today my atelier is a constant memory of my own family history, combining traditional and modern techniques to retain a common truth, the unique imprint and feeling each piece provides when held. 
Founded in 2014, Tamboon Leather Co harmonises slow fashion, simplified living, and the sentimental value of pieces that will last a lifetime.
My constantly evolving appreciation for the nuances offered by our Australian landscape - combining a design philosophy that embodies the beauty in simplicity & integrity, aesthetically influences each collection.
Like my grandfather’s tools, I wish each of the Tamboon Leather products be passed on from generation to generation.
In loving memory of Barry “Ga-Ga” Prior, of TAMBOON Avenue, Sydney, Australia.
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